Christine Palmer, RHNP, RHC

Registered Holistic Nutritionist + Health Coach
Sports + Exercise Nutrition Advisor
Reiki Master

Hi everyone! I’m Christine. I became a Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Health Coach simply because my passion is natural health & wellness – hands down!  So what brought me here after years of working the in the corporate world?

In short, I’ve struggled with a number of various health problems for the majority of my life — including allergies, GI issues, poor digestion, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and anemia. As time went on, things got worse.

When I reached “rock bottom” (after a lack of success & support with conventional medicine) I decided I had to take matters into my own hands — I met with Naturopathic doctors, Allergists, Holistic Nutritionists, and other natural health practitioners, as well as did a TON of research and experimenting on my own. When I started to notice amazing changes to my health, body + lifestyle, I decided to take it further and earn my Holistic Nutritionist diploma.

Today, I can proudly attest to the power of optimal nutrition and the ability it has to heal the body. It`s incredible!

Complete nourishment, physical activity, and overall wellness contribute daily to my new and improved healthy lifestyle. When I properly nourish my body and exercise regularly I feel revitalized and have a sense of clarity that had been lost for so many years.

I continuously educate myself and practice a holistic approach to integrative & functional medicine — focusing on digestive health, detoxification, weight management, and mental well-being. I’m happy to share my personal journey of healing, while helping others implement new lifestyle changes that are simple + sustainable long term — allowing for a happier, healthier, more energized, and more successful self.


Unleashing our client’s full potential through
nutrition, fitness, and whole body wellness, to educate and create healthier, happier individuals, communities, workplaces, and families across the


To be a wellness leader and source of positive change, balancing all areas of life; empowering people to reach their personal and professional goals by improving health, happiness and overall wellness, thus creating a global awareness that transforms the way people take care of themselves and others.

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